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I like to consider myself a jack of all trades. Browse through some of my more recent endeavors and some of my favorite older projects.

2011 Show Reel

This is an aggregate of a large variety of work that I have completed in the past five years. It contains projects for clients ranging from Procter and Gamble to Trump Entertainment. Often times motion designers will work as part of a larger team and it can be deceiving when they include work in their reel that several other people helped complete. I take pride in my reel because 95% of the work is mine and I will be happy to talk about the 5% where I was part of a larger team.

Panther’s Uniform Redesign

I never have been the biggest fan of the NFL, but I was very impressed with the loyalty of Panther’s fans when I moved to Charlotte. I decided to redesign their uniforms as a pet project to help get acclimated to North Carolina culture. I was pretty pleased with the redesign but unfortunately for my friends the Panthers didn’t show up for their playoff game against the 49ers – if only they had been wearing these awesome new unis perhaps San Francisco would have packed up and gone home before kickoff.

Miss USA Open

I worked on a variety of “glitzy” opens while I was interning in L.A. but this is my personal favorite. We had worked on the branding for the Miss USA pageant in 2009 and they wanted something fresh for 2010. I pitched the idea of the crown flying through Las Vegas (the host city) and collecting “glitz” from all the famous building along the strip to create the Miss USA logo itself. This is the actualization of that vision and it was pretty cool to see it broadcast on ABC.

WordPress Template

When I started my job at Seek, I immediately noticed that the market research industry was sorely lacking in interactivity. My initial response was to design an electronic magazine (see the Spark project below). However after meeting with several clients and discussing their specific needs it became obvious that the solution was a website that served as an information hub as well as a data repository. I designed this modular WordPress template to meet this need and it became one of our most popular products.

Creative Principles Toolkit

Seek prides itself on centering every project around ten, basic creative principles. In order to help consultants visualize these principles and how they mix and match – I helped design this toolkit that they could use on client calls. It consists of a tray with three open slots (two of the principles are pre-defined) and eight corresponding principle tiles.

In addition there are ten principle summary cards that lay out a summary of each creative principle with a QR code link to a repository of reference documents online. Consultants can then mix and match the different principles to see how they combine to form unique solutions to a given project.

Spark Electronic Magazine

This was one of my earliest prototypes at Seek. I realized there was a severe lack of interactive media in the market research industry and wanted to design a solution that was repeatable and easily update able. I ended up pitching the idea of a subscription-based iPad app that was basically an electronic magazine representation of the market research data. It eventually evolved into the Segmentation Website that you see above.

House of Guilds

We had a ton of positive feedback for the “Allegiance” game we created for the Front End of Innovation (FEI) conference in 2012. The following year, Seek was unsure of how much time they would be afforded at the conference so we prioritized other projects. A week before the conference was scheduled to take place a spot opened up and we were asked to produce an activity for 400 participants. I worked with two interns to put together all of these pieces in 4 days before overnighting them to Switzerland.

Millennials by the Numbers

My old boss Jason used to tell me: “it’s easier to show them than tell them.” When he asked me to create a nonproprietary motion piece about my generation to spark client interest – I was more than eager. Working with a coworker to do research and develop a script, I then spend 3 weeks animating the piece so we could use it as a sales tool for motion graphics projects.

Kickoff Video

A Fortune 500 was preparing to launch an entirely new segmentation to a global audience. We had been working with their team for several months to prepare a captivating way to present all of the information. Three days before the roll-out event their CMO decided he wanted some sort of “high energy, kickoff video to pump up the crowd. I spent the next 72 hours scouring the internet and compiling this kickoff video that they showed in from to nearly 500 people and later distributed globally.

History in Motion

For my senior capstone, I wanted to do something that would have a positive impact on society and appealed to one of my latent interests. My favorite subject throughout middle school and high school was History – so when I discovered that History test scores were the lowest they’d been in fifty years I had found the perfect subject matter.

Taking some inspiration from one of my other loves (video games) I pitched the idea of creating kinetic motion graphic pieces that could be explored by the students. These pieces would live inside their History books as exciting vignettes to prime them for the relevant information to come. I choose the Alamo as a proof of concept since it was conveniently on my way home from L.A. and I was able to stop and get a private tour.

Kinect Experience Station

When Procter and Gamble asked Seek to create an experience to help one of their major brands understand future trends in technology, we wanted to make sure we blew their minds. I had been fascinated with the Xbox Kinect technology for some time and proposed setting up a station that allowed the team to experience the hands-free technology first hand.

The overall experience was set up in a nightclub in downtown Cincinnati and the Kinect Station populated the VIP lounge. It was the most popular station at the session and many of the P&G team members spent a large chunk of their free time in the afternoon re-visiting the VIP area to play around with the hands-free experience. In fact, one of the execs said it was one of the coolest things she’d ever seen.

Audio Visualizer

My first car was a Jeep Liberty and I loved it like a child. However, being 19 at the time, I had “questionable” taste and spent some money installing several large speakers, an amp and a fold out touch screen in the dash. I thoroughly enjoyed this ear-deafening racket for several years but was always irritated at the dated interface on the touchscreen.

My solution was to create my very own audio visualizer that could play on the screen rather than the default track name and timecode that was included. I designed this interface and then coded the visualization in After Effects. I then exported it via DVD Studio Pro and viola – my own custom visualizer.

Place to Find Me

Experts claim that Millennials need to be constantly connected. I’m beginning to think there might be something to that theory.

A Little About Me

Some of the stuff that helps differentiate me from all of the other Ben Burkett impostors out there in the field of Digital Design.


I graduated from the College of Design at the University of Cincinnati in June of 2009 with a BS in Design and full honors. 


I am extremely knowledgeable in the following programs: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Final Cut and C4D. 

Special Skills

I am an Eagle Scout, certified life guard, avid beach volleyball player and fairly certain I could have become a stunt driver. 


I have this strange hatred of close-toed shoes so I wear flip-flops for pretty much 11 months of the year, feel free to judge. 

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I’m always interested in talking to interesting people so shoot me an email, give me a call or be a weirdo and mail me a letter.