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About Me

I like to consider myself a Jack of All Trades when it comes to design. I have worked with a variety of different clients on a wide range of projects, my proficiencies are listed below.

Graphic Design

Photoshop + Illustrator

Motion Design

After Effects + Cinema

Video Editing

Final Cut Pro + Premiere

Interactive Design

WordPress + Basic HTML

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The abbreviated version is that I graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a B.S. in Digital Design, for the extended version please check out my resume.

My Portfolio

Although I have worked on nearly two hundred projects in the past seven years, these are some of my favorites. I was the lead designer on everything you see below.

Show Reel

  • Client: Various

This reel was designed to show the variety and breadth of the different motion projects I have worked on – some for shows on network television, some for screens at truck stops and even some for friends trying to start their own personal fitness companies. No two projects are ever the same and I love the challenge and opportunities that time-based mediums present. For a few of the bigger projects on here, such as Last Comic Standing and the Miss USA Pageant I worked with a small team that included two other designers as well as an expert in 3D modeling – however 95% of what you see in the reel is work that I completed as an individual.

Kleiman Auto Body

  • Client: Kleiman Auto Body

This was a rebrand/site design done for an auto body shop that had done a ton of work for me up in Cincinnati. They were a very small, family owned operation but did great quality work at an extremely low price. As a thank you for all of the work they’d done for me in the past I wanted to help update their look as well as their internet presence. I started by updating their branding…really I should say establishing some branding…with a color palette that I felt spoke to their heritage and then a logo and business cards to follow. I then purchased a WordPress template and customized it to match their new branding and implement several key features missing from their existing site. To finish off the project for them I created a social media presence for them across Twitter, Facebook and Youtube with some suggestions for content and campaigns they could run.

Launch Site

Intel Kickoff Video

  • Client: Intel

A Fortune 500 company was preparing to launch an entirely new segmentation to a global audience. We had been working with their team for several months to prepare a captivating way to present all of the information. Three days before the roll-out event their CMO decided he wanted some sort of “high energy, kickoff video to pump up the crowd. I spent the next 48 hours scouring the internet and compiling this kickoff video that they showed in from to nearly 500 people and later distributed world wide.

Panther’s Uniform Redesign

  • Client: Just For Fun

I have always had an interest in apparel design and have done several smaller freelance projects in the past working with sports jerseys and t-shirt designs for venues. When I moved to Charlotte in 2013 – the Panther’s were in the midst of a resurgence into relevancy in the NFC South. When I sat down to watch them destroy the Giants at my friend’s house a few weeks after I’d moved I was struck by how out of date their uniforms looked. Inspired by Nike’s aggressive redesigns of collegiate uniforms I decided to have some fun give the Panther’s a new look. I wanted to make sure I maintained the core elements from the branding, specifically the Carolina Blue and the Panther itself. I visited the stadium and drew a ton of inspiration from the overall darkness and especially the statues out front. Additionally, the Panther’s really thrived on their intimidating defense that year so I wanted to give them a certain “baddass” factor I felt was sorely lacking.

Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill

  • Client: Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill

Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill is historic religious settlement near Lexington, KY that was struggling to expand it’s user base and wanted to rebrand itself as a more holistic place of discovery that was suited to guests of all ages. They offer an array of activities from hiking, kayaking, historic tours, a historic bed and breakfast, concert series and even bourbon festivals and needed both an equity and marketing update to attract new visitors. There was is a ton more to the process than I can describe here but basically, after Seek had completed some preliminary market research to determine which direction Shaker Village should head, our team started with a update of their brand equity – centered mainly around updating the logo, colors, typography and imagery. After we had the new branding to a place the client was comfortable with we designed and developed an updated website that was not only a great way to introduce guests to the new aesthetic and messaging, but also had several important functionalities their previous site lacked. This project is a special point of pride to me as I was intimately involved from the proposal through every major stage.

Launch Site

V.I.P. Ideation Experience

  • Client: Procter & Gamble

When P&G hired Seek to create an ideation session for their Digestive Wellness team, they challenged us to bring to life five “Future Trends” that they felt were relevant to the growth of the industry moving ahead. We landed an awesome venue for the event, an exclusive club in downtown Cincinnati, and decided to theme our event accordingly. A ton of detail went into creating a “VIP” experience for the team: a bouncer was stationed at the front door, guests received VIP bracelets and gift bags, every guest got a customized VIP pass that also served as a sorting mechanism for the day’s activities and I also designed a great deal of signage throughout the club itself. This signage helped direct guests to the five experience stations we set up to drive home each of the Future Trends. Of all the stations, the most successful one was designed to teach guests about the importance of technology and how it would evolve moving forward. We roped off a special “VIP” area where guest were able to take turns playing with the hands-free technology of the Xbox Kinect…it was a huge hit. As a final take-away I designed a special booklet that summarized all five Future Trends.

Principles Toolkit

  • Client: Seek Company

Seek structures it’s concepts for clients around ten, basic creative principles. Two of these are constant on every project but there are always three selected specifically for each client’s needs – creating nearly 100 different variations. In order to demonstrate this process for potential clients as well as help consultants visualize how various mixtures could create vastly different results I designed this toolkit. It consists of a wooden tray with five slots and ten tiles. Two of the tiles are glued into two of the slots to represent the two always-present principles. The other eight tiles can then be mixed and matched to fill out the tray creating any possible combination of principles. Additionally each kit contained a small deck of ten cards that basically gave an overview of what each principle meant and how it was meant to function as well as a QR link to download a digital toolkit of information about how past projects had utilized each of the principles.

Doing My Part Website

  • Client: Doing My Part

This was one of the most challenging projects I have worked on in my career. A charity in Charlotte needed an update for their web presence to highlight the simplicity and crowd-sourced nature of their process. The first major difficulty was coming into the middle of the project. Initial wireframes had been completed by the client with a different company and then initial design boards had been created by the previous designer at my company. To compound matters, most of the budget was gone and they had a tight timeline for launch. I spent a great deal of time analyzing their needs and eventually recommended they scrap 99% of what they already had and suggested we go back to the drawing board for wireframes. After a lot of blood, sweat and overtime hours I had completely redesigned their site to give them a fresh, updated look and create a much better user experience.

Launch Site

Allegiance The Game

  • Client: FEI Conference

Seek won the right to be a keynote speaker at the Front End of Innovation Conference in Zurich Switzerland in 2012. My department was tasked with creating some sort of ideation activity that the 400 attendees would willingly and actively participate in of the three day conference. Working in a small team, we came up with the idea of an ideation game that basically created a competition between attendees to come up with an idea and then recruit people to their faction. At the end of the second day – the four factions that had recruited the most followers then had a live debate in front of the crowd and had to defend their concept creatively. The winner was announced and received $15K in free ideation work from Seek. We named the game “Allegiance” and it was so popular the conference asked us to come up with a similar activity the following year.

WallerBears Website

  • Client: WallerBears Surf Shop

WallerBears is a local surf shop with stores in both Charlotte and Myrtle Beach. They came to Alter Imaging hoping to update their web presence and offer a better user experience to their customers. This is one of my favorite projects I have gotten to work on both because the client was awesome and the subject matter was in my wheelhouse (often a rare combination). The trickiest problem WallerBears had was that they offer some apparel and services for purchase online but a large portion of it is seasonal and only available in limited stock at either location. To solve this, we decided to use an e-commerce platform to allow them to easily update their online catalog and then built a separate part of the site where they could easily advertise what they currently had available in-store.

Launch Site

Spark Interactive Magazine

  • Client: Seek Company

This was one of my earliest projects at Seek. I realized there was a severe lack of interactive media in the market research industry and wanted to design a solution that was repeatable and easily update able. I ended up pitching the idea of a subscription-based iPad app that was basically an interactive magazine containing market research data. This would allow clients to aggregate large amounts of data that often comes in different forms – ranging from agency quality video to powerpoint decks – into one central location for their teams. It then capitalizes on a variety of learning styles, not available in any medium except for interactive, to help team members learn the information in whichever style best suits them. Additionally the information is accessible anytime, anywhere on virtually any device.

View Prototype

History in Motion

  • Client: Capstone Project

History has always been my favorite subject and even though I hadn’t officially studied it since Freshman year of college – I knew I wanted it to be the focus of my Capstone Project. I noticed in my preliminary research that History/Geography was one of the least popular and lowest testing subjects for middle school students and decided to design a more fun and interactive experience with the material to help engage the students. Inspired by cut scenes from another love of mine, video games, I proposed creating interactive History text books that prompted the students to play games and interact with the content at various, strategic touch points. I called the entire system “History in Motion” and for my individual project I focused on the idea of creating motion graphic cutscenes that students would view to drive home key events throughout various chapters. Due to time, money and personnel restraints (I had only myself, three months and zero dollars to develop my idea) I completed an initial piece about the Battle of the Alamo as a proof of concept.

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